How is your Weekend League going - Week 13



  • daniito169
    280 posts Sunday League Hero
    14-3 yesterday, finished 17-12. Matchmaking just isn't a thing. There is no way it's fair that I came across so many high quality opponents and it didn't get easier after all those defeats
  • Springveldt
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    11-5, was 10-2 and lost 3 on the bounce with the usual terrible gameplay. Turned PS4 off and on and tried rivals. Lost 2 games in there with same garbage gameplay, the AI just standing doing nothing.

    Went back to WL since it’s getting late and I just want to get to 11 for God knows what reason as rewards are garbage anyway. Somehow manage to win 3-1 as he rage quits after my 3rd rebound goal, totally undeserved as he was all over me as my players wouldn’t move. I just ended up blindly hitting through balls hoping it would work and it did as Mbappe kept getting lucky rebounds back to him.

    Think I’m sacking off WL for a few weeks again, this just isn’t worth it.
  • Kevin19896
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    edited January 2021
    20-9 , was at 18-7 had 5 games to get to gold 1 , lost 1 so took away chance of first elite and gave a win to someone before i left for work. bit mixed bag , sometimes freeze mane would come on as a sub and save the day. mbappe and felix lead the line but edouard isn't a bad option for how cheap he is. alot of constant, was 3 nil up one game and lost on pens.. played a god squad with ronaldo (90) , gullit kante neymar varane etc but won 6-3 , guy quit at 89 hate varane and vvd they just stand there and block everything. got kamara , volland , denayer and atal and solid enough
  • mox08
    817 posts Semi-Pro
    First WL I ever participated. Got to 11 Wins with 3 games remaining. what a crap game mode. Every game ft the same . After min 70 yr players feel like mud.

    One game i played against a 70 chem team with players all at 5 or 7 chem. My basic players went astray lol. His daniel james at 5 chem played like cr7/ mbappe rofl
  • Kulman
    1067 posts Professional
    16-10 Never got past G3. Have 4 games left and 1 win to go
  • BlueWes80
    264 posts Sunday League Hero
    I normally play to 14 and got it this week. Took me a few games extra than usual, but it’s so boring playing the same team and tactics every game. God, if I ever see Martial again, it’ll be too soon.

    Do people realise any other players exist outside the two dozen prem players that make up 80% of people teams?
  • JWNYsg
    7006 posts Big Money Move
    Disappointment again as finished 13 wins. Sad part was losing the last 6 games in a row. So unpredictable.

    Anyway, hope to build up and go back to 14 wins again this coming weekend

  • Kulman
    1067 posts Professional
    Kulman wrote: »
    16-10 Never got past G3. Have 4 games left and 1 win to go

    Did it with 1 game remaining. Tried to get 18 for swaps but lost my last one
  • StMaxi
    190 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Couldn’t think of anything worse than spending time playing in this horrendous game mode for the worst rewards possible. Not worth the grind whatsoever, haven’t played since the 3rd week of the game cycle and really glad I haven’t.
  • Stav93
    1250 posts Professional

    First time this year I've bothered to play more than 20 games in a weekend. Fair play to anyone who's playing 30 every weekend, after TOTY it'll be 14 every week until TOTS 🥵🥵
  • NinthFall
    2712 posts National Call-Up
    Idk why I decided to try WL for the first time this year. I remember from last year the rewards were never worth the pain and the games are not even remotely fun. Doesn't help that everyone plays the same team.
  • TwoZebras
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    edited January 2021
    I'm gonna finish on 8 wins, 12 losses :D

    It wasn't particularly an enjoyable experience so I think I'll stick to Rivals

    I'm obviously a below average player, but I really don't like that every game is essentially a cup final. Never played anyone toxic though, all good lads
  • NinthFall
    2712 posts National Call-Up
    Btw after hitting silver 1, I went 6 games without a win and the opponents only became harder. I assume this is because there was no one else to match with me? At one point I got a message "couldn't find an opponent" or something like that. Usually the matchmaking should make you face others who lost as many as you but the ones I started facing after losses... Oh boy I don't think I've ever played anyone that good and it wasn't just one
  • jshdb23
    37 posts Last Pick at the Park
    Started out 4-3 friday running the same team as last week and for whatever reason it wasn't working out. Saturday was a completely different story winning 10 of 12 games to bring me to 14-5. Today I was really worried I was going to run into some insane teams and players and it just didn't happen. Went 6-2 and cruised to Gold 1 in back to back weekends and one of the losses was where I really wasn't in the game. I'm just really enjoying my game and my team at the moment and don't really want to change it.

    btw Freeze Verratti and Chiellini are probably the best value cards in the game. They never make any mistakes.
  • D909
    170 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Was on 17-3, ready to lift my first ever elite badge then it happened, ea sent the try hard my way, ended with 20-9, oh well
  • 17 wins, I can live with that.
  • Gooners1000rr
    224 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    18-11 after a 16-4 Start, having a good start means ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all
  • 2easym8
    434 posts Sunday League Hero
    G3 - 14 wins with 3 games left.

    I was 11-6 and lost 5 in the trot over a 12hr period. Fun times! 🤣
  • Amdp9
    6857 posts Big Money Move
    This was in the books to be awful, game play super unresponsive stopped at G1
  • Rizzywizzy6786
    395 posts Sunday League Hero
    Finished 23-7. First WL in months, planned to play until 18 wins for the icon swap token, then thought might as well play on. Was praying for a free win but the last 3 games were as tough as they get. I take my hat off to people that play WL week in week out.
  • Diddymow
    5995 posts Big Money Move
    edited January 2021
    Was playing Rivals last night, is there some sort of rule not to play on the weekend? It was the worst experience I've ever had on this Fifa. I only play Rivals for objectives so I'm in Div 7. Played 4 games and every single one was against an almost full meta team. All 4 games the opposition played 1 depth and spammed skill moves and route one through balls. Lost 3 and had to proper sweat it out to finally win one, I usually tear it up on Rivals. Each one of these guys was around 600 skill points, seriously? Think I'll stick to playing Rivals during the week only, would rather avoid smurf City.
  • TheonlywayisS6
    3941 posts National Call-Up
    Stopped at 11-14, could have gone for gold but couldn't be bothered, it was getting late, I was knackered, and I'd have had to win 3 of my last 5.

    I'd quit out of 3 games as well, which I usually never do in WL even when getting thrashed, 2 when I was on 10 wins against absolutely ridiculous God Squads when I just needed 1 win for S1 and go to bed, I'd have taken them on as I've beaten them before (Beat 1 of them 7-1 earlier, a bad player is still a bad player after spending a fortune on FP), but they were the sort of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ who felt the need to spam skill moves in their own half even when my players were nowhere near them and 1 earlier I quit at 1-1 when he equalised with a half the length of the pitch ball juggle, can't be done with facing tools like that.
  • Growler
    908 posts Professional

    Lag and button delay started to ❤️❤️❤️❤️ me off and I decided enough was enough.

    I'm not even bothered about getting to Gold 3 anymore, the games ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 😂

    Until EA fix the servers and sort out this mess of a game it's pretty pointless playing to be honest.

    Id have more fun jabbing a fork into my retina repeatedly. [/quote]

    😂😂😂😂😂 My thoughts exactly😂😂😂😂😂
    Started off 1-4, got it back to 4-4 then the bad gameplay started on Saturday. Couldn’t do a thing. Every team was low depth drop bk and button delay was shocking.
  • ToiletChimp
    279 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got the 4 wins from 7 games I needed for the icon swap on Friday so gave Saturday a miss, returned to it on Sunday and I guess I missed them memo about everyone playing no more than 3 depth with drop back. Had a run of 7 games where 6 of my opponents played like that. Of course they 'attacked' by spamming 180 degree no look off balance through balls which my defenders locked off and allowed Werner/Mbappe/Aubameyang etc. to sprint through.

    Gameplay was trash all night as well for some reason as I usually find Sunday's to be the best for connection and generally don't come up against as many really good players. Ended up winning 7 from 14 to get Silver 1. Could've played the remaining 9 and probably got Gold 3 but it was late and I was fed up of having a good half second delay every time I wanted to change player or pass the ball, all the time battling against players who sat back with 50 defenders and kept getting last minute blocks and slide tackles whilst my defenders were just total statues who let every through ball go right past them.

    BS was particularly bad when I was 1 win off the next rank, which I know happens a lot all the time but was just so unresponsive.
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