How is your Weekend League going - Week 13


  • TheonlywayisS6
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    Paying for my storming finale last weekend when I won 8 of my last 9 to get my first gold finish.

    Played 1 lost 1, despite playing well and dominating the 1st half I went in 3-4 down to kick off goals and supernatural through balls. Gameplay then turned to absolute garbage second half, couldn't do a thing with everything going his way and a totally random pen was the final straw and I just stopped playing at 3-6. Then again I literally always lose at least my first 4 games.

    2 goals for 86 Rashford on the debut though, think I'm going to like him. I'm just not feeling any incentive to play this week, may just give it to the 5 wins I need for my final swap token.
  • DannySTFC
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    edited January 2021
    Don’t get what’s wrong with some people. Go 1-0 down, full celebration, 2-0 down, full celebration, I pull it back to 4-2 ahead, he then scored to make it 4-3 and immediately skipped, funny how he did full celebrations when winning then instant R1-L1 when he’s behind isn’t it? And he ended up rage quitting.
  • JWNYsg
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    With Headliners 2 and TOTY Nominees. I’m sure it will be a crazy weekend to play
  • djnition
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    been pretty good so far played 10 games won 4 lost 6 but to be honest even the ones ive lost are mainly due to stamina issues mainly with the way i play i try to win the ball higher up the pitch which does cause me to lose alot if it goes to extra time as subs only cover part of the players and if someone has a fresh rashford/dembele/ben yedder etc off the bench my defensive players will falter against raw pace i play press on heavy touch 4 depth 6 width with my back 4 conservative with cms cam wingers and striker aggresively intercepting not alot of players play this way i can do very basic skills literally the most basic but i find drop back just keeps you pinned in left stick dribbling without constantly using pace has been my go to thing this wl ive learnt to use pace in bursts its made a massive difference
  • TwoZebras
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    Just beat a guy 6-3 that was a nice game to play

    Never played an easier game tbh I stopped attacking when I went 6-0 up more of those games please :D
  • Radebe
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    edited January 2021
    Started 4-0 but suffering horrible delay and feel like I can’t move. Tried a game of rivals and it felt rapid.
  • DannySTFC
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    5-3, not a good start but been interesting. Playing 352 and averaging 4.5 goals per game and 3.5 goals against so far, end to end stuff. CR7 first weekend for me and has 17 goals in 8 games with 9 assists.
  • Tylercftla
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    0-2 was on a streak in Rivals now tanking in weekend league
  • Sengzyy
    283 posts Sunday League Hero
    Started off 9-1 now lost 3 games on the bounce so 9-4 now. Gameplay is slowly getting worse but I've also been playing bad so I think I'll take a break and finish off the games over the weekend.
  • aladdin
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    edited January 2021
    7-3 and done for the day. twas fun for me. could tell people were playing for the token
  • sneaky77
    763 posts Semi-Pro
    terrible as expected lol
  • BadSeedsFC
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    3 wins in 3 games atm. New York I love you, and you're not bringing me down. Happy days.
  • dengah109
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    Played 1 lost 1, guy had a great Bundesliga team but I was shocking and he was a bad player. Yes I was poor but main issue was connection, it was awful. Had same issue last night in DR and had to abandon it. I'm UK - anyone else having same issue? It isn't playable atm. I will try again after 10pm but not expecting better if I'm honest. Was hoping to squeeze some games in tonight as working tomorrow.
  • TwoZebras
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    I managed to lose a game 7-5 when I was winning 4-2 so that was fun as well :D

    I should really learn to close up shop when it's a tight game, but I never do

    One thing I've noticed though compared to Rivals is 3/4 goals leads are never enough
  • Wurrsmycash
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    Surprisingly good.


    Got my last icon token for the base...... Rijkard

    Yesterday crafted a mid or base...

    Base bergkamp

  • ForestGrump70
    1225 posts Professional
    9-12 now.

    As if wins aren't hard enough to come by.
    The last 2 games winning comfortably, opponent pauses and I get kicked off the servers.

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ME.
  • 13-5 after today. Having the most fun playing since I began. Loads of goals and even won 2 games 7-6 after extra time. Not bitter about my losses, 2 closes games and 3 hammerings. Firm believer in not quitting out too.
  • JustusX
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    Silver 1 and stopped. Last WL game for a while so kinda glad it’s over!
  • Mill1
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    4-9. Everyone's got absolutely god squads AGAIN and the sheer amount of abused broken mechanics today is disgusting. Rainbow flicks keepy ups bridge every time they get the ball. Just boring now. Still facing the same squads every single game as well. Bored of Joe gomez outpacing every single player I've got.
  • iggypop
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    7-5, fully expect to end on 14 or 15 as per, have 1.4 Mill for upgrades so I can get 14 wins next week
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Started 0-3. Changed formation got the 25x83 pack... pulled hl benz threw him in team and made hierro and started again and now 7-3
  • Burnzee Boyee
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    Said a few weeks back I would stop 😆 back for another weekend of torture 😫 Many many mad squads as expected for this time of year.
  • DannySTFC
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    10-7, not good enough really.

    Came up against the Varane Mendy Neymar Mbappe combination 5 times in a row earlier, how aren’t these people so bored of copying each other’s squads, zzzzzz.
  • yosef167
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    matchmaking is tough and crazy for me
    i had only and only tough games
    2 players Elite 1 in my Ranking games and other one Elite 2
    i am only G2 to G1 player
    i dont know why i keep getting the harder opponents
  • sneaky77
    763 posts Semi-Pro
    DannySTFC wrote: »
    10-7, not good enough really.

    Came up against the Varane Mendy Neymar Mbappe combination 5 times in a row earlier, how aren’t these people so bored of copying each other’s squads, zzzzzz.

    Add in rashford and that's been 100% my games,
  • dengah109
    1832 posts Play-Off Hero
    Now 3-1. Had a better connection when I played after 11, made all the difference.
  • Ftl
    1209 posts Professional
    7-5. Will deffo stop at 11. The sweats are immense this weekend
  • GTaylor
    1124 posts Professional
    GTaylor wrote: »
    4-1 with a new team thanks to my Dutch right side.

    Ditched the team at 5-5, packed HL Hernandez, rejigged, 8-5.
  • DanishDynamiteUS
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    4-2 by now but stopping for tonight, gameplay is horrible for some reason...

    Had an encounter with Mid Pele, trying not to buy him but the game won’t stop tempting me 😂
  • djnition
    1729 posts Play-Off Hero
    Wat is going on its like the kids are playing constant pressure 10 depth lo getting used to lobbed thru balls as only way to beat em
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