Slowest gameplay ever

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It’s been bad before but this is genuinely horrific. Is anyone playing at the moment actually enjoying this as I can’t see how? There must be at least a second between a button press and on screen action.
WL must be absolute hell, thank the lord im only mucking about in friendlies.


  • DeanoZoff
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    Been like it all weekend.

    Posted on another thread about it. Everyone i know that played fifa has said that this weekend has been shockingly bad.

    We all played at different times, different consoles, internet providers etc etc

    I dont get any lag playing other games and nobody else does either.

    Fifa is a mess. Summed up by the scummy people that are in charge of it.

    Things get fixed within 1 hour when it benefits the player, when its the other way round, it just gets left alone.
  • Probably the worst weekend league I’ve had for connection. And I’ve had some bad ones, I think I had good connection in one game and I played the full 30
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