How to team press manually?

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Hi all, in all my WL matches I really struggle a lot because most of my opponents press really high up the pitch and force a lot of turnovers from me. I'm getting better at beating the press, but I want to be able to do the press myself. But how do I do it?

I've read that using the 4 AI assisted methods (Team press on D-pad, pressure after heavy touch, pressure after possession loss and constant pressure) will either cause your formation to be out of shape or decrease stamina significantly. Is that true? If so, then what's the best way to learn to press manually? And which kind of formation is best suited?

Thanks for the advice.


  • RadioShaq
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    You have to swap between 2 and 3 defenders. Even then if someone wants to hold possession it’s hard to press them.
  • KSYM72
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    As above, switch quickly and accurately and be 1 step ahead of your opponent. Which unfortunately is nigh on impossible with the delay most face.
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