More quitters in WL this weekend?

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Played 16, won 8 so far but half of those the opponent quit. Two of them I was at least 4 up so I guess they thought there wasn't much point in continuing but of the other two, one quit when I was 2 up and another when I went 1 up almost straight away like they were playing golden goal in friendlies.

Not sure if I've just been lucky this week as seen other people struggling for wins but wonder if the WL challenge for icon swaps has meant people who don't usually play WL trying it out and not being good enough for it (not trying to be mean!). Certainly feel like I'm getting easier opponents this time, even some of the losses I threw the game away stupidly or the game itself decided it was going to let the opponent play blind through balls played off-balance all the way through whereas my players were skating on ice the whole time.


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