Keep Capa or swap him

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I was warming up on a squad battle, getting ready for a few WL. 10-0 up and my Ramos gets sent off.

In my first WL match I just stuck freeze Capa at CB. With the aim of just outscoring some bronze level player.
2 games in: GK has faced 0 shots on target and something feels solid. Obviously this is just bronze 3, will he be exposed once I get to silver 2 and beyond when the decent players start getting matched? Has anyone tried him there for long periods? He has 7 chem at CB.
Haven't conceded many header so height isn't an issue.

2nd game roughly 80th minute, I was on the counter attack down a wing and I seen some movement. Played a through ball, expecting Aspas but its Capa 1 on 1 with the keeper. He scored. That'll be a problem against decent players. As I play with very attacking scoring fullbacks. Leaving Aidoo exposed to the elements.


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