Action or Arcade mode?

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I would seriously love a type of Gameplay mode where there is no fatigue, the game is fast-paced, much like in the 90's arcades.

I know that realism/simulation is the hot topic of today, but it would be nice to have an arcade mode where everything is exaggerated and maybe even being able to choose how you fall when you are tackled. You can pick a celebration when you score but how fun would it be to be able to assign a fall when you are tackled akin to what we see in Italian football.

That's all.


  • Djkhalid1921
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    Basically like fifa 14/15. Those were the good days. Game was actually fun
  • Amon
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    I hear ya brother. Those days were awesome. Realism is fine as some want an as close to an authentic football experience as possible. Me, though, I just want to play football 90's style. :)
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