the freeze glitch

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why oh why is this never been fixed ea its totally ruined the game now every team we play does it its become the new norm


  • Zissou10
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    Freeze glitch?
  • Captain spams d pad tactics while opponents have the ball, causing your players to freeze. Loads of cheats doing it to us lately, needs to be stopped.
  • Blaiki
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    They've had nearly a year to fix this yet they don't seem to be bothered about people cheating and ruining Pro Clubs.
  • BalthasarGerards
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    Some of these Saudi kids are so good at it, you even freeze when you want to throw in the ball. Another game breaking glitch EA just ignores. Wouldn't be surprised if the freeze glitch and the +5 glitch are in Fifa 16 again.
    From what I've seen of FIFA 16 it's copy paste and add some ****.
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