I cannot win against 1 Depth Drop Back.

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So frustrating, currently losing 5-0 at HT, I put my controller down at 3-0 yet I’ve still had more shot and shots on target that him. I give up


  • richisdisturbed
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    25-30 yard finesses from an angle are your friend in this situation, you'll very rarely get a clear through on goal shot, so best to ignore the back 4 sitting in the box, & aim to get towsrds the corners of the box running infield, then just curl it in.

    They seem to go in much more often when there's players in the box, so I don't know if it causes a visiual obstruction for the keeper, but it works and is the only real way I consistently break down these boring ❤️❤️❤️❤️ players.
  • Buzzbuzz
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    Same here OP. If someone is using that and just running round with Kante and Pogba all game I know I'm not winning it
  • TSpiers1UK
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    Buzzbuzz wrote: »
    Same here OP. If someone is using that and just running round with Kante and Pogba all game I know I'm not winning it

    Oh the pain

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  • libertao
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    I think people exaggerate how often opponents are actually using 1 depth drop back. People usually copy pros/streamers, and I never see them advocate that tactic. It just invites a ton of pressure too deep in the box. I think people playing balanced with a 2 CDM formation, even on high depth, get mistaken for playing low depth dropback if they are playing patient defense, rather than aggressive, sprinting from the passing lane defense (I do the latter).
  • Bomb at them with your full back and cause chaos. My full backs are my first point of action when there's no space.
    It forces the opposition to double up on the wing with either a CM or CB. Then just find the space.
    From your goalkick, point straight ahead and lob it into your CM, play a 1-2 with a midfielder and usually you'll be running at the defence with your midfielder and play a 1-2 with the striker. Maybe pass to the striker and play a 1-2 and you'll get a chance to score.
  • Best option is either going 41212 and fast quick on twos. Or spamming balls down the wing in a wide formation
  • Tekkerz
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    I rarely play against this 1 depth.
    Drop back definitely.
    Players are just getting better at defending Imo.
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    Just quit... never hesitate to quit if you’re not enjoying it.. it’s a game and your life doesn’t depend on it...There’s no pride in video games... Every year when a new FIFA comes out all your hard-work and coins are left behind then you start fresh again with no record...I play the game to enjoy and if I’m not getting that I will quit and find next opponent.
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