Ajax Objective

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Have the lazy truckers @ EA fixed this yet?


  • Mmandras
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    Not that I know of.

    We who choose Ajax deserve the free pack becayse of this, it's not fair.
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    Which bit isn't working? I haven't started any of the requirements
  • richisdisturbed
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    Which bit isn't working? I haven't started any of the requirements

    Play 2 Rivals matches with the Ajax badge and 1 Ajax player in the starting line up.

    Makes this objective unfinishable for everyone who chose Ajax, meaning we miss out on 2 packs.

    EA should just give us all a Cruyff to make up for it! HAhaha! (We'll get ❤️❤️❤️❤️ all)
  • JimNoShoes
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    Fixed yet?
  • All4fun1991
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    I gave up on that since the first day, completed 2 objectives but the other 2 did not work.
  • Praatpaal
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    No not fixed.
  • Saekerhett
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    This is unbelievable...
  • Mmandras
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    edited December 2020
    If the former bugged objectives didn't get fixed, I doubt this one will be too (or we get compensated).

    It's ironic that I'm having Ajax player in my main squad and played like 100 games since this came out.

    Shambles, I'll wait for the future objectives...

    @EA_Roger We know it's holiday season but... anybody home at HQ? :)
  • ssclof
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    still no fix?
  • AHL
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    Not fixed.

    Just another example that EA is not a software company but succeeds because of licensing. Total joke.
  • Gainzy
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    This still isn’t fixed.
  • PirateW
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    Disheartening that I weakened my team to fit an Ajax player into it on rivals, and the matches counted for nothing.

    I bought the tifo afterwards just to complete the final objective (and then resold the tifo for no loss).
  • PirateW
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    @EA_Bogdan @EA_Roger
    I think anyone who's completed the first 2 Ajax objectives should be awarded the rewards (tifo, XP, premium electrum players pack) as it was likely their intention to play fulfill those matches and it's EA bug/error that has prevented it.
    And anyone who is eligible for the team event group reward (by having completed one group for AC Milan or Ajax) should receive the team event reward (Premium gold pack). AC Milan will receive it but Ajax are restricted to the amount of points they can get due to EA bug.
  • bezo85
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    @EA_Roger - I take it by the fact that you continue to ignore this, you simply don’t care? Perhaps the below will flag this post to bring it to your attention?

    EA are so sh! t at customer service. They don’t give a fu ck about their customers. Their community managers couldn’t manage a p! ss up in a brewery...
  • Matt_Cornwall
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    There's 3 days left. I think they're just ignoring it and hoping everyone will move on by Friday
  • I spoke to them on the online chat multiple times and they said they are aware, problem being we have no idea when so what have we to do just keep wasting our time trying ?

    Total ❤️❤️❤️❤️ man what is the point of that new twitter communications page if they aren't going to address this?
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