Dilemma - One TOTY or NIF Neymar + Mbappe + CR7?

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I currently got 4m + a lot of packs saved for TOTY. Likely I would be able to afford one TOTY Messi or Mbappe, and the rest is just normal gold players. However I can also form a team with NIF Neymar Mbappe CR7 together with one team.

Which one do you prefer? In the past I always go for one TOTY attacker but now I wonder is it a good decision?


  • Lackosweat
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    Definitely a marquee TOTY player.
  • ozcs_69
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    i`m saving for a cr7 toty too, i think he will be between 6-7m , hopefully EA keeps washing coins of this market, fingers crossed
  • Swanz05
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    edited December 2020
    I was saving for CR7 too until Gullit smiled at me. Last years graph shows he was 'only' xbox 5.3 after a few days & increased til TOTSSF but the NIF's so op this year he could be more.
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