Question connection/ping latency/network

Aright folks. Just a quick question RE the ping indicator if you don’t mind.

I have solid ‘fibre to property’ 70mb down 20mb up BT fibre & generally have 0 issues with connection.

My ping before a game starts is usually between 14-20ms. Which I guess is cool.

Ever since the latency indicator was introduced ive noticed that it fluctuates LIKE MAD every single game. Is this normal on the EA servers? I am monitoring my network on a couple of apps on my iPhone and not seeing anything that would be causing this with regards to packet loss or anything. I am hard wired to my hub.

In-game my ping will show around 14-20ms but will at multiple times throughout the game go to like 60ms, to 80ms, to 120ms and back to 15ms for example. You get the picture.

The question is, I know this isn’t normal as such; but is it common? Do you think this issue is on my end? Or specifically my connection to EA’s servers? I am Uk based if it helps.


  • neil83
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    The network ping has got worse in fifa 21 during games seems to speed up yet cant control players and then when other team have the ball and speeds up they score and nothing you can do about it.
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