Delete it. Not for me

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Played a couple of rivals games today.

Conceded 1 straight from a kick off, where he was running while playing kicky ups. I was defensless to this masterful wizardry. Couldn't even run into him.
A rainbow flick infront of my defender, who for whatever reason couldn't read where the ball would land and ran in a circle.
A ball pop up from between the legs. My 2 CBs ran away from it, leaving him to run straight through.
Back to my defender, flick over his head. Don't worry my defender will move out of your way.

Just sack the whole flick and kick. It's no good for me. You can see when and where its happening but for whatever your players won't react to it.

A side from that and occasionally my passes going the wrong way... Also the game of dodge ball that happens every time I get near the penalty box. I kind of like the gameplay.


  • mihain247
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    Yeah that's a glitch that hasn't been fixed yet unfortunately. Someone scored 2 against me like the that.

    The only option is to foul them unfortunately
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