What the **** is wrong with DR Matchmaking

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I have around 1950 skill points. All my opponents I'm matched with have around 2200. Already happened before icon swaps so cant be only due to lack of players playing DR. How am I supposed to compete. I lose every game and only get like -5 skill rating in the end.

Played most games in coop with a friend this week and only needed like 2000 points from my last 5 games which i had to play solo. No chance this way. Just played a guy with 9 icons (incl. Pele, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Cruyff...) and IF Ronaldo.

Thats it. Never have done it before but I'm going to drop divisions SOOOO hard.


  • CarpeDiem
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    Rivals has always had about a 200-300 threshold for matchmaking otherwise you'd sit there for ages trying to find a game.

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