Kick Ups from Kick off

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How do you stop this? It seems like a lottery, i tried fouling but its like his players just push through the foul.

I just conceded twice from some ❤️❤️❤️❤️ doing this in Futchamps. I lead 3 times in the game, from good goals, and was instantly pulled back twice from kick up goals. EA then decided to gift him a penalty. And finally, as a reward for him manipulating the glitches in the game, he scores an 80th minute own goal from a player i wasn't even controlling.

This game man.


  • Eddieww
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    Just position a tall player in there path and they should easily just nod the ball away with their head
  • kraid
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    Chase back with your st and try and get between the attacker and the ball, don’t bring mids/defenders forward to tackle as the attacker will just nod the ball past them and be on their way. I have people try this all the time and they very rarely get 10 yards before losing the ball
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