Pope really better than Alisson/Ederson?

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Have all 3 of them untradeable and can't see much difference tbh although Ederson seems the worst of the lot.
Your experiences?


  • Jsim86
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    Pope is awful
  • HyperOCD
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    Yes.. had Allison changed to pope and yes he's better and cheaper
  • BluenoseDave72
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    I just played a game there and was using Ter Stegen and absolutely brutal

    Nick pope ive been using myself and absolutely unreal. Some of the saves he makes you would expect higher rated cards to make aswell but they don't

    Question has to be asked why is this the case since higher rated cards have much better stats
  • phil_88
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    Seems like all keepers have suddenly gone bad, played a few games today using my rttf oblak after being away for a couple of days and not playing, hes been terrible couldn't stop anything
  • Mincepie171286
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    Every keeper is bad but pope is alright:

    I’ll only every replace him if I need to for chem.
  • Loco_kniene
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    Pope was awful for me. Don't understand the hype about him.

    By far the worst goalie I've used this FUT
  • dynamosheva1
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    Allison is class , I think they patched up Pope
  • Destin8or
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    I use Areola, high rated keepers are a waste of time, as long as they are rated above 80 I don't see alot of difference.
  • Mounaldo
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    I've been pretty happy with Aitor, but he gets beaten at the near post at little too often.
  • grabberpresident
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    Nope, he's not. It's the Butland thing again, doesn't make much sense.
  • SaintInExile
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    It's probably because he's very tall so a lot of shots hit him. I think he's slightly harder to lob because of this, too.
  • Toonleew
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    Jsim86 wrote: »
    Pope is awful

    EA brainwashed
  • Toonleew
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    Pope IS better than both. I’m using all 3
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    Ter Stegen is still the best IMO.

    But as stated, the are all generally 6 of 1, 1/2 a dozen of the other.
  • BeastlyHusla
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    Pope is kinda OP.
  • [Deleted User]
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    phil_88 wrote: »
    Seems like all keepers have suddenly gone bad, played a few games today using my rttf oblak after being away for a couple of days and not playing, hes been terrible couldn't stop anything

    Using him as well. Seems like any high shot he saves. Anything waist and below goes in.
  • Vezzo
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    Best I used is MATS but now I need chem for Walker CB and have all of those untradeable so was trying not to be biased because Alisson SHOULD be better (if rating means anything) but in game he saves or flops and as someone said Pope looks like a lump, picks the ball on corners and shots just hit him.
  • Knowlesdinho
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    I've used Maignan for ages, not because I think he's op, but just because keepers are pointless spending coin on.

    I played a game earlier and he was like spiderman, so much so that I won a game that I easily should have lost 5-0.

    The next game I should have won by at least 5, but Maignan left his gloves in the tunnel and I lost.

    Even after tots you could use a 46 rated keeper and get the same results. Put Mertens in net, I swear you'll get the same results.
  • Mr. Soper
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    Poor is awful. But not much different between any keepers
  • Toonleew
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    The truth is. There isn’t hardly any difference between Pope and Allison. I actually feel more confident with pope in goal than Allison or Ederson. Anyone that tells you otherwise is EA brainwashed. Got to love em tommyboyo
  • Pewdiepie
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    Ive stuck with Ederson 89 red this whole Fifa..what I like about him are his traits always wanted to upgrade to Alisson and had Pope at start..but idk Ederson has been solid for me ..he has saved me countless games ..pope is decent he is more for ppl who manually move the keeper because of height and saves with feet trait.
  • Toonleew
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    It’s funny as I have Ederson in goal at the moment. Pope hasn’t played for approx 20 games and I honestly don’t feel any big difference between them or any keeper. Ederson will be used in the next SBC I fancy doing as there isn’t any point in keepers.
  • sturges12345
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    Pope is better than Oblak and Courtois for me. haven't used Ederson or Allisson
  • SmokeSwift1
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    Nah totw Ederson is the kepper in the game if you know how to move Gks
  • djnition
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    Alisson pulls off some right stops even when hes rushing out and a chip is attempted he gets a hand onit quite often
  • stevotrueblue
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    Im saying nothing as the last thread on this guy in Fifa20 got me a one week ban.
  • Seanregal
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    I'm sure theres a joke about the pope, the father, the son and the goalie post in here.
  • Pocketsquareguy
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    Pope is the best keeper I’ve ever used on any fifa.
  • JT_cfc
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    All goalies are the same. Tried Ter Stegen, Alisson, Yashin, Ederson, Courtois, Pope. They will have their moments and make some breath-taking saves, and in the very next game they cant even save a word document. Just go with a tall goalie that fit your CB's chem.
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