Whats happened to the game lately? It's no fun like this.

Burnzee Boyee
359 posts Sunday League Hero
A simple pass, or a similar through ball, now non existing, picked off as they go nowhere near where they are intended to or they go ninety miles an hour back to someone I haven't even chosen??? Gone are the dribbling moves simple dribbling, gone. Players are like ocean tankers takin 3 weeks to stop and another 4 to turn, letting every team I play run riot and score for fun since defenders love going awol without me calling any runs. Can't do a damned thing since the last 3 days. Team doesn't move forward during an attack, just stand back or just as bad, when ONE of them is forward he is in the worst place ever calling for the ball, and my left and rightbacks just let the opposite attacker sprint on by them???
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