Not enough pressure going forward/ no pushing forward.

Burnzee Boyee
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edited December 2020
So, you're down 1, or 2 goals and 20 mins left in the game. What do your players do? Mine? They stand there like gormless idiots, no runs even when you ask for them, nothing, no forward push, no run upfield. Been like that for the last 10 games. Utterly frustrating. Lost every game due to my team either not pushing forward or worse, running into one of their own team mates, I mean come off it what other way is there out there to stop me getting a decent game?

Oh thats apart from having my players suddenly lose the ability turn, pass, run, pass, turn pass...F You EA.


  • Fifaplayer94os
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    Yep its very frustrating, I played one guy who pressed the whole game and my players stood still while his swarmed. I try in the last 10 minutes my players stand still. Very enjoyable
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