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Lord Helton
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So I built this team, mainly after I saw eremenkos amazing stats however I've been struggling to get anything out of it, the midfield didn't seem to be able to hold possession or build up to effective attacks effectively and the defence just didn't seem to work.
So I was wondering if someone could give me some tips on how to use the formation as I haven't used it before, or possibly other formations to use instead, if someone could make a replacement team that would also be wonderful, if going down that route I only ask that you keep eremenko, Fabregas and rondon and keep the overall cost of the rest of the team at around 200-250k.
Thanks in advance


  • StewParty
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    IMO get rid of Rondon

    You need fast strikers for a 4312
  • Lord Helton
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    Damn it haha really liked the look of him too, if I were to swap to something else such as a 4231 would he work as the lone striker if I mixed up the midfield a bit?
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