Anyone else not able to play the game anymore?

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I'm not talking solely after the patch either. I'm ok at the game normally, fairly comfortably in div 3, maybe div 2 in rivals, don't get much of a chance to play more than 20 or so WL games so usually get around silver 1/gold 3, and in a stretch of say 7 games I'd lose only 1 or 2.

For a couple of weeks now I scrape maybe 1 or 2 wins in 7 games, and the ones I win are so narrow and close that it's just a relief to win rather than feeling good about it. I haven't consciously changed how I play but thought maybe I'd got too used to the formation I was using so switched it up but no luck.

Just seems that every game my players feel so sluggish, the passing is atrocious - slow and to the wrong player - my defenders seem to have 20 strength, I can't shrug off my opponent's players who just seem to charge about the pitch like they're possessed and can tackle me from whatever position even when I've got past them, my AI attackers make poor runs all the time, I have insane button delay which stops me from passing and shooting properly, my defenders always seem to be out of position, they're really slow to react to things and I can only defend if the player switching lets me control the right player and I can manually get them in the way.

I've sunk right down to div 5 and every game is a struggle. Doesn't help that every player plays low depth, defensive, drop back with the same sweaty players and spams through balls all game. I've tried putting myself on similar tactics but all that seems to happen is they sit too deep and just allow space for the opponent to pass and move in front of me.

At a loss of what to do now really. Have tried going back to basics with a 532 which I had a lot of success with (changed to 4231 in game if I was struggling a bit which nearly always worked a treat) which has helped a little but most games just feel like I'm playing with 50 rated bronze players.
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