Player switching to CMs

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Can anyone give me some tips on player switching please? When I am defending it’s almost impossible to switch to my midfield. It just goes back and forth from CBs to my attackers and jumps over my midfield. Doesn’t matter if I use R3 or L1. I concede so many goals from this. Would any setting changes help? Thanks guys


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    Thanks very much that’s really helpful. Can’t wait to try it out now. :-)
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  • JFK147
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    I appreciate the advice and views. That is exactly what I experience. Squad battles is fine for me for player switching but online it’s just a disaster and it costs me goals regularly. Panic mode trying to locate who is being controlled haha. Which formation do you find easier. I have a few on my custom tactics. I generally play with 442 and 4231 but I am looking to try 41212 narrow.
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