Best Formation/Tactics for non skiller

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What's a good formation to use for quick passing, one twos, and through balls? I'm not a big skiller so rely heavily on making runs etc.


  • Asht1981
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    I play 41212 narrow or 4321 i dont skill but u need both full backs on ballance and overlap to give u width and make room for the passes, it can leave u open at back but going forward its excellent just pass n move
  • Pieman25
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    4411, 352 Most narrow formations you'll need skill as the centre of the park is generally flooded. You'll need some width and I think using in 41212 leaves you over exposed on the counter.
  • djnition
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    433 4 i use as a non skiller sometimes i switch to 4231 in game
  • BondJame5Collins
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  • JustusX
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    djnition wrote: »
    433 4 i use as a non skiller sometimes i switch to 4231 in game

    I like the look of this one but worried about lack of CDMs and I usually use them to help with my terrible defending. Do the 2 CMs provide enough defensive weight?

  • Mincepie171286
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    I am a non skiller and use 4-2-2-2.

    Very good going forward but can leave you open defensively a bit.

    Hence all my games average about 10-12 goals haha
  • Sujitsky123
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    Non skiller here...use 41212 wide...lots of options for crosses, 1-2s. Just need a very good cdm.
  • Amdp9
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    All year long we all try to find formations then EA nerf everything
  • Satch85
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    I like 4231 (2), dont skill much just spread the balls to the wings
  • SJR440
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    4321 has been great for me - I never have been or never will be a skiller :smile:
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