Full chem Gnabry or 7 chem Dembele?

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I picked up nif Hazard to try and if it works out, I basically have to choose between these two options for wide cam. Put simply, who would you go for?

Full chem Gnabry or 7 chem Dembele? 3 votes

Gnabry full chem
Dembele off chem
Afridi19Dutch3723YidArmy 3 votes
Just get rid of Hazard and use both


  • Dutch3723
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    Dembele off chem
    Gnabry is not worth it at all. Go with the two La Liga options.
  • YidArmy
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    Dembele off chem
    I've got IF Gnabry as a red pick and the guy is neither fast nor agile. Demebele is far better with the double 5 star and feels smooth on the ball, just need a good sub to switch him with due to that low stamina.
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