3rd 19-11

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Started the weekend 7-0 and was 19-8 with 3 games to go needing 1 win out of my last 3 for my first G1 finish of FIFA 21 and lost my last 3😭😭

That’s my 3rd 19-11 so far, losing my last 2 or 3 each time... Can’t get it over the line 😞😞

This is with my United RTG btw 👌


  • MrMTFC
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    I just hit g2 for the first time in 21, I found that when I lose a game bad or a couple in a row I tend to bounce back a little better when I change 2 or 3 players in my team before a game so may be worth a try for you next time mate. Hopefully can help you hit that g1
  • Kingy
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    Keep plugging away mate and it will come
  • Dont worry i was 19-1 and continue 22-8, so will play nest wl just 4fun , this company with this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ servers completely garbage
  • Khangaskhan17
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    Hang in there, man. Don’t go super defensive when defending a lead. Just keep doing what works until it doesn’t! You’ll get it next week.
  • JWNYsg
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    i've finished 11-13 wins since 1st week no matter how i tweak my team or formation

    really hope to get gold this coming weekend. always so close
  • umgee
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    Finished with 17. 4th week in a row I've finished with 17 or 18 wins.
    It feels like the game already decides where you'll finish, no matter what lol

    Lost so many games I had no business losing.
    It's weird, one game I'll go up against a super team full of icons, and go 3-0 up in 20 mins and he rage quits, then another game I play a BAD player with an average team and completely dominate them all game + have 4x as many shots on target, but those 3 times I tackled and ball rebounded to him perfectly for a goal were enough to give him the win lol
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