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I want that story Aspas card. Will I need to do the FUT friendly objectives to succeed? Can you get to level 30 just from squad battles and rivals?

I hate friendlies, it's minging


  • t14migit
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    Pretty sure as long as the week “x” bronze silver gold etc every week along with the play online, squad battles and the basics you get done should get you there. May need to do the boring things like team events also. But you should be good
  • askperts
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    I did season 1 without any Co-Op but the friendlies offer a lot of experience points. Not sure you can get enough without doing some of those. I think the Managerial one is some of the best soccer you can play. All squads capped at 77 is a lot of great competition.
  • Aspas10
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    I hate fut friendlies, see how I get on. Never bothered with objectives before.

    Another question : there's a gold 2 objective "reach 3,00 points in rivals" I've played a few matches but the total is stuck at 0
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