Why does this happen to good people

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Forget about the fact he forgot the ball. Why do my players run sideways when in full sprint? This cost me a ranking



  • Neil_14
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    Shocking that is. Disgusting that is allowed to happen.
  • MurkingFools
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    hard to tell from that clip

    but either its bug/ glitch

    or use press sprint and LT/L2 and that does a cancel that would leave the ball

    but there i would have 1st time passed the ball back to the keeper rather than dribble

    sometimes you just have to laugh and get a clear head for the next game other wise it can mess up the next few games too
  • Hades
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    It's probably a bug where the game fails to see the ball is uncontested and says the ball is 'in possesion' by your opponent. Happens the same when you run between an attacker and the ball and your player puts in no effort to take the ball along, you have to actually tackle first to be able to take possesion. Buggy, sucks. Just switch it off at those times:P
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