Why do you play this game mode?

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I started FUT like any other year and after 6 weeks lost interest. The content is poor and the gameplay horrendous whilst the player base is P2W or win at all costs.

I’m expecting the answer I need a football fix.. However you have H2H seasons clubs and career mode. I’ve never understood that answer. You’ve not bought Fifa ultimate as a lone title.

I like to browse the forums still and everyday it’s hate and stress towards the gameplay or servers and the way others play. The patches haven’t helped anymore and it’s just a mess. I struggle to understand why you would continue to grind and pay your monthly wage in the hope to get that icon or CR7.

The top end players are out of reach to 98% of the player base and you will continue to waste a weekend for a red from the Danish League.

I’m curious as to why you would play a game mode which seems to cause stress and cost you more than you pay for the game.
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