Tradeable TOTW sbc?

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edited November 2020
I’m purely speculating here, but I feel we may see a tradeable TOTW sbc today/tomorrow to run alongside the Untradeable sbc.

I think this because they traditionally have two totw sbc’s running alongside each other to trade the 83/84s and untradeable totw cards for the tradeable sbc.

There will also be a huge number of untradeable totw cards that players have mounted up over time, from the untradeable sbc or have pulled through flash sbc’s - this would help pick up the prices of totw players ahead of cyber Monday packs as everyone will keep doing them in hope of a best totw or CR7. Will also help the usual market dip from people selling their weekend league teams.

Thoughts on the chances of this dropping imminently? Or am I wrong and trying to convince myself lol (I’ve not invested btw)
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