So how is the switch version?

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Believe only menus have changed anything else? Enjoyed gameplay of 20 is it same or any tweaks? My most hate was just stupid long shot goals from all over the pitch has this been nerfed?
Not that bothered about all the special cards really so how is the market in general is it active?
Player base as active as 20?


  • Prettyfly
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  • balap
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    Hi, it is basically the same game for me.

    The market is not really active, but no difference for me. Maybe silver player are now at 250 for base sell.
    You can still buy trainee cards at 150 and quick sell them at 250, same for some gold non rare players, so I think they did not correct anything on the market.
    They was a bug so we can only play TOTW 8 for the moment.
    Ranking are not available for FUT for the moment.
    Not a lot of special promo.
    No communication from ea, either on the forum or Answers.

    I played a lot of draft as I picked some player in pack offered and sell it for a lot at the beginning, but i see a lot the same people.
    Twice some deconnection error with a loss against really bad players, but not a lot of abuse (not more laggy than last year).

    I score a lot a goals from outside the surface, but for me not difference from previous FIFA.

    So if you liked FUT on 20 (and 19) I think it is ok for 21, if you are not interested in special events.
    As it quite expensive for the moment, maybe wait for others advices.
  • Prettyfly
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    Are standard gold players 83-85 cheap to get ? Likely bundes I’d be looking at
  • balap
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    Depend how much time you can pass on the market, you can have great prices on uefa cards (the blue one).
    Some players like Haaland are really high since the beginning, because they are not so much.
    I will say it depends who you want in your team. But you have really good card 80-82 not expensive (played a little with some Leipzig players).

  • jds1234
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    Can you get player pack rewards by playing seasons or tournament?
  • Leuco
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    jds1234 wrote: »
    Can you get player pack rewards by playing seasons or tournament?

    Not really (the ones you can get are not worth it). Best thing is just playing (coins) and MM sbcs on thursdays. You can get a pretty decent team on Switch easily. Also if you like trading (I do) the market is not dead at all, you just need to know where to focus :wink:
    Im a father of two, work everyday and play only a couple of matches every night (helps me disconnect) and my team is pretty cool:
    Tierney IF - VVD - Gomez - AWB
    Firmino - Roy Keane - Wijnaldum
    Neymar - Drogba - Flashback Robben

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    It’s ok, I stopped playing after fifa 16 and back now as son got a switch and the gameplay and whole feel feels exactly the same, but it’s good for me, I like the SBC side of things which has got me most of my good players most of both my teams are untradable
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