Any PS5 players here?



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    Trying to play WL on PS5 and every other match finding it advises initializing and times out. The next time it's fine.

    I haven't played WL yet. Spent last night flipping cards to build a team and have a decent starter team so hammering SB today for elite 1 just to get the 30k and 2 rare mega packs then won't play SB for the rest of the year unless it's objectives 😂

    But the gameplay is so impressive the runs you can trigger and the goals you can score are crazy good compared to last year and with smooth and responsive gameplay that's a great combination.

    Will start my rivals placement games tomorrow today I'm focusing on SB and these rewards and learning the new mechanics then will try and go competitive from tomorrow.

    Players are so cheap was a good time to start. FIF Ollie Watkins with an engine is impressive going to upgrade to the SIF tonight.
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    Not doing too bad for 2 nights at it. Best thing about it is 3 of them 4 losses were DC's tonight that cost me elite 3. I ended up pulling Gomez from gold 1 and made about 50k on that. Suppose I can't complain. Debating who goes up top. Was very impressed with IF Ollie Watkins thinking about trying his SIF. Him as Jesus were actually a good partnership. I need to start building my club up now for futmas.



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