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The latest version of the FIFA 21 Server Release Notes are now available.

This release covers multiple versions of FIFA 21, including FIFA 21 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC (Origin/Steam) and Nintendo Switch, as well as the FUT 21 Web App and FIFA 21 Companion App. When changes only apply to individual titles, they will be made clear in the notes below.

Made the following changes for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of FIFA 21:

Online Gameplay Responsiveness
  • Connection Monitoring is now available for all players.
    1. The setting to modify the feature is located within the Visual Settings of the Game Settings menu.
    2. To learn more, please check the article here.

- Added a new FIFA Game Data Center in Miami, Florida.

To learn more about Connection Monitoring and the FIFA Game Data Center in Miami, check out the latest Pitch Notes article:

  • Activated the FIFA Playtime tool which is designed to give players more insight and control over how they engage with FIFA.
    1. FIFA Playtime requires opting in, and this can be done by visiting the Playtime tile under the Customise tab of the FIFA Main Menu, or through the Settings menu on the FUT 21 Web App/FIFA 21 Companion App.

To learn more about FIFA Playtime, check out the latest this EA Help article:

Addressed the following issue:

  • When playing VOLTA Squads with player controlled teammates, only the Captain was gaining Objectives progress.

Thanks to those who’ve provided feedback. Throughout the course of the FIFA 21 season, we'll provide you with more information and updates if and when they become available. Be sure to follow @EAFIFADIRECT on Twitter and the EASF Tracker for the latest news and updates.

- The FIFA Team
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