build me a team please

Lord Helton
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Basically, I've currently got a team that has been underperforming for a while so I've decided I want to sell up eventually, however I'm struggling to create a replacement team.
My budget would be around 400-450k and the formations I'm not fond of are 41212(both), 3tab, 5atb. I'd like to use some big name players however it isn't necessary.
I look forward to seeing some of the suggestions.


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    could you please name a few players you want to try? it'll give me a focus to work with.
  • Lord Helton
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    I wouldn't mind trying players such as bale, neymar, ribery, ibra, those sorts of people. Also wouldn't mind trying out tots cazorla/fabregas(basically players with those kinds of stats), 88/89 higuain. Hope this helps a little
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