Xbox Series X Controller Issue

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I've played tons of games on my series X without issue but today all of a sudden in game the RT, B, Y and X button do not work. I.e. I can't sprint, shoot, through ball, lob pass etc. I switch back to my xbox one controller mid game and it works just fine.

The strange thing is in the menus the B button works perfectly. I've tried hard resetting my console, also tried resyncing the controller. At a loss for why this is occurring.

Also when a game ends it takes me right out of ultimate team. (I still get the win)

Edit: Just figured out my issue. For some reason my controller was set on "one button." It didn't show that online but offline it showed that. Not sure why when I sync my other controller it goes back to normal. Also have no idea how my controller settings were changed as I would not venture in that menu ever.
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