How has FUT Champions Affected peoples Mental Health?

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i ask because i saw a message a fellow FUT player received this week after a game after it was posted on twitter for everyone to see and thought it was very disturbing.. The nature of the disturbing message is so bad that i cant even post it on here... So i wonder how this mode is affecting the health of others and has ea thought about the effects this mode is having on the community. Has this game become just too competitive? should FUT champions mode before removed all together? what are your thoughts?


  • Ishibum
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    Last Christmas, I measured my heartrate during a couple of weekend leagues and then compared with a couple of weekends in which I stayed off Fifa. I basically found my heart rate and stress levels were as high as when I'm working in my job (which is stressful by definition... I can be dealing with situations in which each minute passing can cost my company millions of dollars).

    I do believe if you know what you're getting into, it's really on you to decide if it's worth it or not. I also believe that this game impacts a lot of people in a negative way (mentally). You just need to see how some people have been going mad on here because the way Rivals and WL is set up, you can't really grind the 60 games a week. At that point, it's unhealthy. What can be done? I honestly don't know at this point.
  • yosef167
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    well i dont think ita About the mode. its more the person and the way he looks to the mode.
    people who gets angry faster for losing /conceding can have a stress and high heart rate and someother bad semptons. which can lead later when its repeated all the time to bigger health issue.
    but as a mod if i am relax.. not taking the game too serious .. not getting anger all the time i should be fine playing any mod or anygame .. i should know how to balance my self and calm my self fast when something happen in the game
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