Aggressive defending

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What's the custom tactics/set-up people have where they always have about 7 or 8 players back, the marking is super tight and the defenders are ultra aggressive, to the point where they seem to be able to just lunge in from any position if they're anywhere vaguely close to the attacker and win the ball?

I guess the starting point is a low depth and defensive (or ultra-d) in game but I've experimented with that and my defenders seem really slack and loose so the opposition can still do agile dribbling etc. to make space whereas I have to make sure I pass to someone in loads of room and spend ages moving their defence around so I can pass to someone who can get a quick shot off so the auto block doesn't get a chance. Is it hitting team press once set up defensively with several players back as it always feels like they have 2 players on each of my players every time I pass/receive the ball?

Just makes all the games so dull and boring to play as I'm seeing it a lot (with a lot of the same players) and inevitably once they win the ball they just hit through ball which sails right through to their striker with my defenders making zero effort to intercept, tackle or slow them down despite me positioning them properly and pressing tackle when the ball is right there to be won.

It's annoying as it seems like I get punished for trying to play the game 'properly' i.e. concentrating on manual defending, getting players in the way, trying to move the ball around etc. whereas these players just jump into every tackle, win the ball then through ball or agile dribble and get through. Can be overcome if the player just isn't so great but not worth even trying to play if the player is decent as they've clearly just found a way to perfect abusing the poor game mechanics as is what happens every year.
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