Career Mode is completely ruined. Scouted player will never reach potential

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WTF, this is complete ❤️❤️❤️❤️. You can’t train your players to actually increase their attributes. So you scout a player with 90 potential and he gets 1 point better every ten weeks. Is this a fuckkng joke. None of these players you scout will ever be playable. Two years in and only one player is a 70. How and why would someone change the ability to personally make your scouted players better? That person should be fired immediately. This is makes career mode a complete joke. The whole point is to scout the player and make them better yourself or they won’t become good. They come out with overalls of anywhere to 40-66 and you literally have to wait ten weeks for them to increase 1 fuckkng point. Honestly how did you think this would work. You finally make adjustments to career mode and completely ruin it. Training them to increase their sharpness does absolutely nothing to the overall. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you fifa
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    It’s ruined.
  • Now it’s even worse than I thought, for some reason I decided to give it another shot. So now after only one year , my scouted Guys who were potential to be special are just exciting prospects, and the exciting prospects are nothing. When you changed that last year I was plenty pissed now it’s downright stupid. How are u supposed to play a guy who is a 60 with 90-94 potential In one season without even being able to make him better. Again ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you whoever made this change , please fire these ❤️❤️❤️❤️. I want my money back and I will never buy this game again. Oh and the gameplay is a joke. You only care about ultimate team which I will never play. Career mode is ruined
  • Im having these same issues as well. Such a crucial part of career mode being full of these bugs just ruins the will and desire to enjoy the mode, and by extension the game itself, at all. Definitely needs to be fixed ASAP
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    Bad bad game
  • OMG , the game is literally the worst thing ever made. You put difficulty on ultimate and you can just run by people. Wtf , you have purposely made the game unplayable so people play ultimate team. Great I’m going to sell my game and never play fifa again
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    I dont like the fact that they get away with Ultimate team as they know that they can get away with charging a fortune for the game and then get you to pay for the players in that game. This is something that the Government should really step in on and make them release Ultimate team as a free game, because in most cases you have to pay to have a half decent team.

    Keep FIFA the game as just that, a stand alone game that you dont have to pay more for to get decent players. They (due to greed) will invest in the bits that make them more and more money.
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    Your right
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  • I will never play ultimate team as I think it’s stupid
  • And yes it’s a complete scam
  • Scouted a youth player with "potential to be special". 17 years old, 66 overall, potential of 90+. Cdm/cm, when I try to play him at cm I have an exclamation mark beside him even though he can play cm. Went into development options to train him as a centre midfielder and it was going to take 181 weeks. Wtf? That is his secondary position but it's going to take almost 4 years of training for it to become his primary one. Was only going to take 4 weeks to convert him into a winger or a forward lol. Beyond a joke.
  • He will be an exiting prospect next year and then nothing after that.I had a one who was a 63 and 88-92 potential. It just told me he was fully developed and he is a 68. I subbed him in through 2 seasons made 27 appearances each year as a 16 and 17yrld. Also I won la liga. Of course he was mad because he didn’t play everyday. He was stopped at 68 , it is literally the worst game ever made.
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    Completely agree, yearly downgrades are too aggressive. It is not realistic to play a 65 rated player all matches in premier league.

    This really should be fixed
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    Hope there is a new patch on Thursday
  • I think the only option is to loan them out. I haven't gotten far enough in my career to see it play out, mainly because it causes me physical pain just to play it. Does anyone know? At least in FIFA 20 you could focus on a few players and grow them so that they could be played.
  • Seriously don’t know why I keep trying, but yes loaning them out works sometimes, guys can make dramatic increases if it’s the right team apparently.
    Sometimes it doesn’t work but it’s the only way. Had one guy increase ten points on a team he probably didn’t get any pt on and another not increase much on a very ❤️❤️❤️❤️ team.
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    I like the game in this respect. The youth players easily make you overpowered. A 70 OVR sounds fine after 2 seasons. And if they don’t get enough play time, the potential goes down. That sounds just fine. I mean, I’m sure there’s space for tweaking this a little, but the basics of the way this works now seems to be going in the right direction.
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    Also, if you play a bad team and have super talented youth players, they should want to play a lot - there should be pressure to sell them. Why would they want to play for the bad team? The barcas and chelseas should want them.
  • Totally disagree with you
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