A Squad Download Is Required - EA hire some expert UX guys maybe

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Can we get rid of that stupid message and then the subsequent need to accept that the download has completed? Seriously? Can @EA hire some experienced UX people please? The current ones are obviously crap. Why the rage?
1. The message is unnecessary and gets in the way. I'm choosing to enter Fifa Ultimate team so whatever the game needs to do in order to get me there, it needs to do that in a way that doesn't require more input from me (aka in the background)!
2. Ok, we're pressing OK to start download, and then, once it's downloaded we're greeted with "Download successful" press OK to continue!!! Why??? Just get me to UT without having to press a button an extra 2 times on my controller!!!

It sometimes happened in Fifa 20 too, but I don't remember it being so often. Even then, it should not happen at all!


  • CtldChaos
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    OK, I get that EAs UX guys are bottom of the barrel, I think you will get a lot of agreement (I mean just look at the menu's). But I am not sure that your complaint about the download screen (granted it is annoying) is worth this much rage. IMO.
  • DafuqJustHappen
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    Considering I takes 2 extra button presses to get into Ultimate Team, it does.
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