Ping went from 36-40ms to 9-12ms as of today

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So before the 1st update by EA I was getting about 18-20 ms for my latency. After the update from last week my ping was showing 36-42ms as my new norm in which EA stated it's because it was only showing one way speeds. So for the past week or so it has been steady at the 36-42 ms/ 4 green bars and then suddenly today i went to play a game and the latency/ping is now at 8-11ms and giving me 5 bars. My question is has this happened to anyone else? I did make changes to my router last night and am not sure if this is the result of that although the game still has tons of lag but wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing these changes.


  • Gameplay is awful for me. I've experienced the same thing as you but my latency still says it's between 36-42 ms but the game is outright unplayable. EA needs to fix this!
  • The game is now unplayable online. I've contacted my ISP and everything is working correctly at my end.

    Rivals matchmaking is taking an age to find games and then the ping is >50ms. Before the patch is was 10-15. After it should have been 20-30.

    Something has changed with the severs/matchmaking.
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    Can't get a game with decent ping. Went into one game and it's awful. Really noticeable delay, especially noticeable when taking a corner and the cursor moves a second after you move it.
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