Electromonks [PS4]

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Named for @Electro Monk, to carry on his spirit

Bottling, missing sitters, repping an Allsvenskan team, somehow still winning. It could only be the world famous Electromonks. Don't believe me? Just listen to these completely real and in no way doctored testimonies:
Alastair wrote: »
Afternoon all, you're the biggest club on the forums.
EA_Roger wrote:
If we only had more clubs like yours the world would be a better place.
The real reason I wanted to leave Barcelona was to try and get a trial with the Electromonks Pro Clubs team but I realised I wasn't quite good enough yet.
Pele wrote:
People sometimes compare me in my prime to @Karlos, it's the greatest honour i could recieve.
I wear @mattiparka pyjamas to bed.
Joe Biden wrote:
I have to thank @LAKiM for allowing me to run for office instead of him, though the 538-0 votes he would have received against the oompa loompa with anger management issues would've been a sight to behold.
A Goat wrote:
It is the greatest honour to be named after what @Tesco is
If @RK94 had been picked for management instead of me we actually might have won something recently.


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