Has the patch ruined squad battles?

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Cannot beat the computer on legendary any more. Was easily beating the low Chem weak teams 7/8-0 now getting pumped from them. Maybe I need to git gud again.


  • The_giant616
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    It’s been fine for me after a rough patch last week. I honestly think there are a few random games that they make extra difficult.
  • iamnotamaniamcantona
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    I did a few yesterday....somethings different for sure

    Still won them all mind ....but the ball hogging by the AI has been properly cranked up

    Just got to be patient and dont go chasing the ball back...or you’ll get done.

    In one situation i saw a silver striker shield on the edge of my box and then run all the way back to his own half with the ball to stop me challenging ????....might try turning competitive mode on to see if that actually helps
  • Saarundisc
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    I don’t know if everyone gets the sam batch of teams to play, but I’ve only been playing the low Chem team each batch and the others have been 84/85/86-100chem teams
  • Saarundisc
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    Yeah I’ve got competitive mode off also. It’s when 57 rated defenders score scorpion kicks against you, or rinse your defence like it wasn’t there string 5 bullet passes together and rifle the top bins.
  • Bags
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    Saarundisc wrote: »
    Cannot beat the computer on legendary any more. Was easily beating the low Chem weak teams 7/8-0 now getting pumped from them. Maybe I need to git gud again.

    you need to play them a different way. Try some variant of 433 with fast wingers. Run with the ball with your MF at the full back, when he comes at you, slip it through to the winger, do that stupid OP cross thingy and your ST will volley it in.

    Also, don't even try to tackle them when they are doing the endless skills around the edge of the box. They will pull you out of position for some bronze LB to come running through to smash a goal in. Just drag your MF back and pack the edge of the box while they ball roll their way around the edge of the box. Eventually they will mess up and off you go, counter attacking again.

    Mine more disappointed they took the freeze glitch away cos now you basically have to play the full game.

    If its too hard though, just play on World Class. That is pretty each vs the low rated teams
  • Saarundisc
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    I was wondering if they took the freeze glitch away. Not that I used it much, but it was good if you wanted to go make a cup of tea.
  • Toonleew
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    You should be able to beat 50% or 2 out of every 4 on legendary. It’s pretty simple still. Not as easy as last year
  • JGDC74
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    Legendary is very difficult now. Lost a game 2-1 that I previously would have won easily. Won a game 6-1 yesterday but it was extremely difficult and no fun at all.
  • Pieman25
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    Weekly score looks down this week so that's a good thing
  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    Yeah somethings definitely changed, before the patch i was scoring like 6 goals then putting the controller down most of the time they would barely even get a goal or two but i tried that first game back, was 6-0 up and then went afk second half came back and i'd lost the game 7-6 :frowning:
  • Sujitsky123
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    I lost 2 legendary games this week. There is definitely some tweak there.
  • Diggy
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    I play enough SB to get to E1 every week I only play Legendary

    When the new patch came out I struggled for a few games then adapted

    The best way I’ve found to score is let the AI attack & counter as before the patch but now the AI drop a CB to cover the quick through ball

    So using a 2 striker formation run at the dropped off CB with one striker the 2nd striker should run in behind the pushed forward CB & be onside & through because the dropped off striker will mark the assisting striker

    I win most games 4 or 5-1
  • The best thing with this is that in Fifa slang 'rough patch' means 'my results are worse than last week' while in rl means 'there is something seriously wrong going on and i'm struggling with it'
  • joehuk
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    It's the CB / full back drop back that's killing it for me it's so unnatural and absolutely stupid.

    If the AI push forward I have every right to counter.

    But no they have one CB / full back sprinting back to their 16yard box as soon as I receive the ball and begin a counter.
  • actually i really hate AI skill moves on Leg/Ult. Last year I was annoyed because my players couldn't reach AI's on the field. Now they can and you just watch and watch...
  • Kevin
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    Not only squad battles.
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