No RTTF on switch

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Okay EA, I know that since we play on Nintendo's platform we don't count us as real gamers to you guys but the absolute and complete stripping of the Ultimate Team content for our platform is atrocious. Would have never bought the game if I knew beforehand. Please don't try to shift your blame on Nintendo. You are following the same patterns as you did with previous Nintendo platforms in the past. Its fine if you don't want to make a game for our platform. I just wish you would actually just not make it instead of just continue to strip back the game piece by piece. You have truly removed next to any enjoyment this game could have generated. I will look forward to receiving no response from you, because we all know that despite having community managers we will not even be afforded the decency of a response in regards to this issue. I mean why even take the time to create the forum.
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