RTTF missing for the Nintendo switch even though we got it last year and the card design is the same

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Dear EA we need answers ASAP on the current state of Fifa 21 for the Nintendo Switch. We have not had one response on any of out current issues and now we have missed an even that we had every year on the switch and that has the exact same card design as last year.

We deserve answers on this because otherwise it seems like EA has just given up on the Switch and there is 0 point in any of us spending money of fifa points because we dont have any events or new cards.


  • EA why are you so reluctant to give anything to fifa on switch what an earth is the point in the game if we do not get anything new!!??
  • FIFA 21 Legacy edition literally has double the player base from the last iteration. At the very least, we just want the same promos we've been getting since FIFA 18. We have never once missed out on RTTF. We need better communication.
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    @EA_Aljo @EA_Roger this is getting beyond a joke. It is the exact same card/promo as last year. So what is the issue? Any response would be appreciated.
  • I can't believe we are one month into this game and we haven't gotten the first two major promos, they could have been more upfront they were completely abandoning the game and the forums, since there's no communication.
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    Worst part is is that i just got a RTTF Kimmich in draft so they obviously have the card type and players in the game, just didn't give us the promo...
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