No Boundaries Friendlies

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Done the Akinfenwa Objectives this morning, absolute blast playing the games, crazy scorelines and the reward of Akinfenwa is absolutely amazing, went into Silver Lounge with him and he scored 6 in his 1st game (fair play to the guy who finished the game against me despite being banged 9-2)

Kudos to EA for the friendly modes this year, best thing they have done for years in FUT


  • FutsalBros0710
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    I agree No Boundaries was one of the best if not the best thing that happened to FUT. Had ton of laugh while playing it and community actually willing to help is nice to see.
    Same goes with Mukiele and Rulerbreakers Classic. All it takes is to send message to other player.
    Also while grinding for those wins for Mukiele I came across player who already had his RB card in his team, he allowed me to score and then quitted match. Massive hat off for him doing it for community.
    Big up for EA removing objecitve players out of DR tho.
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