Bugs: MotM, player ratings, etc.

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A couple of bugs I've noticed. (I hope it's of some use to post these here.)

1. The game doesn't anymore mark the Man of the Match with the football symbol in the player ratings screen after the game.

2. Right after the match, the screen shows, in the bottom left corner (I think), the player, from one's own team, with the highest rating. Just recently had my GK get a 8.1, but still one of the CBs with his 7.8 was shown there.

3. Assists still don't seem to contribute to the player ratings. At least my wing-backs (in a 5-3-2) may play excellent games, providing assists, and still receive poor ratings. This is unfortunate, as this has an impact on their form, which has an impact on their development, etc.

4. Assists are also sometimes shown wrong. In one game, recently, a CM of mine was shown 2 assists after the game, despite the fact that he most certainly didn't provide a single assist in the game. (One of these assists was for a goal scored from the penalty spot.)

5. Which reminds me: the handballs in the penalty area lead to the bugged sequence, still. You can escape it with R1 + L1, but it's still something that should be fixed. (And not everyone knows how to avoid having to wait for a considerable time). (I'll also say that while it's good to have handballs in the game, there are a bit too much of them. A bit less handballs, much more other fouls! Or that would be most sweet.)


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    That was just some bugs that I haven't seen reported by others so much. But of course there's stuff like the bald guys in the cut-scenes.

    It's hard to avoid the feeling that it's the same thing, year after another. CM players are promised improvements, they get some, but then the games has a ton of bugs such that it is really quite difficult to understand how they can be in the game. I don't mean to be just complaining here. I'm just genuinely baffled. How are these problems not noticed/fixed by the developers? I guess it must simply be a matter of inadequate resources/time.

    In fairness, this year CM really has improved a lot. There's a lot to like about the strict transfers, the training system, etc. Some of the old bugs have been squashed (e.g., long free kicks), some old problems solved (e.g., the point distribution in the leagues), which is very nice. But it's just still too buggy, and too rushed (there are also many features that aren't bugs, really, but that do need still more work: too few fouls, too frequent handballs, too many major transfers taking place outside the transfer window, etc.).

    One major patch focusing on CM issues could take us a long way toward a really nice game. But this mode still needs more work. Hopefully the folks at EA keep on working on it.
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