Goalkeepers Fifa 21 vs Fifa 20

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So we all noticed GK's seem way worse this year.

I've just noticed something on Futbin while I was trying to see the impact on a GK if he were to play at 8 chem.

In all previous FIFA's, GK's on basic, which was the only chem style ever making sense if we're being honest, were gaining +10 in all six stats.

Now, as per Futbin, they only win 5. This is quite a huge difference.

An example on two GK who kept the same overall rating, and actually even the same rating for each stat, Ter Stegen.

Ter Stegen in Fifa 20 and Fifa 21 is, before chem style, like that
88 90
85 43
88 88.

Now, as per Futbin, in Fifa 20 he was

98 99
95 53
98 98

In Fifa 21, he is

93 95
90 48
93 93

This is quite some difference, probably the difference, in Fifa 20, between a 90 overall rating keeper and a 85.

Any reason for that ? Sorry if it has been discussed earlier, did not see it and I just happened to realize that.


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