What is going on with defending

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I'm on career mode and there seems to be a HUGE gulf in difficulty between World Class and legendary.

World Class I won 10 on the bounce, Legendary I get hammered each game no matter who I play,

It's all in the defending, As soon as the opposition have the ball they are going to score. They weave and dribble around my defenders whilst im trying to tackle and my player does nothing, I have NO control over my player.

Just lost 4-1 and 7-3 respectively.

Often when I switch target it switches to a player a long way away. I'm old school so pressing 'circle' used to tackle an opposition player, now it is almost as if they are in an invisible bubble.

I have tried Legacy defending and the other mode but it makes no difference.

Does anyone have any tips on defending in Legendary?

Even in world class i cant keep a clean sheet. I'll dominate the game and they'll still score their 1 shot.


  • mfmaxpower
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    Defending against the CPU can be pretty brutal, especially with how easy it is this year for them (and us) to keep possession, and even if you play really well they tend to score an odd goal just to ruin your cleansheet.

    That said, I play on Ultimate and I find it fairly decently balanced, even if the defensive system is awful. Main thing is patience, since playing aggressive against the CPU is a recipe for fouls.

    If you're playing Cm and you find the attacking play to be a decent challenge but the defending to be too hard, try adjusting sliders, especially their passing and shooting acc, and first touch.

    Practice and patience are the keys, but also just gotta get to grips that this defensive system is just so bad, and you're going to concede regardless of best efforts.
  • @cjhilll44 I don’t really have a problem on world class to be honest with anything, but when I play on legendary it’s a big jump not only on defending but the dribbling also. I’m not sure if you have noticed the difference also but it’s pretty annoying to be honest. You have players that are not known for dribbling out dribbling great Holding midfielders and defenders and even when you do a standing tackle it’s not only just a foul but always a yellow card as well. Next thing you know your ending the game with about 9 players on the pitch and or 6-7players all on yellow cards! Then your hesitant to make a tackle and they score like crazy at that point. Definitely something they should fix sooner rather than later and hopefully they do
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