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So, now that Volta matchmaking is working hoe exactly do you rank up to a higher division? I had the placement glitch as well, so Im stuck in Division 6 Rank 1 with a lot of games won.. they sound reset everyones rank so you get to play your placement matches again..


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    Yeah what do you need to go up a division?
    Is it a certain win ratio during a season?
    Or is there hidden skill rating that needs to go up?
  • I've been wanting to know this too.

    I've played about 70 games of Volta now. Haven't moved up or down from division 4.
  • According to each season lasts a week and at the end of it there will be promotion (and I assume relegation).

    All I want is to get the trophy for getting to Division 3 but I ended up stuck in Division 5 after the placement matches. I get 25 points for a defeat, 50 points for a draw and 100 points for a win - I need 3,000 points just to go up to Division 4 and I'm on 650 at the moment, so potentially another 90(!) matches to slog through this week with well over 100 more to play next week.

    Already thoroughly sick of Volta and can't wait to get these done to get the trophy and then bin it off.
  • I’m on div 4 with over 90 W 23 D 15 L
    Yet no green arrow for me
  • This is almost impossible unless you play with friends because you cannot get enough games, then win enough games, to reach the promotion threshold without going utterly insane.

    The overwhelming majority of people playing Volta just want to do a bunch of skill moves and shoot the ball, which results in a turnover 95% of the time, and the only way these players even attempt defense is to chase the ball to try to steal it back so they can do a bunch more skill moves and shoot the ball. Your 1-2-1 diamond formation in VOLTA becomes effectively a 0-0-4 as everyone chases the steal. Like a city mayor shutting down restaurants during a plague, FIFA needs to save us from ourselves. They could do this by offering the very best swag only for actions that require concentrating, continuous collaboration. ie the only way to get a Liverpool or Barcelona jersey or a sleeve of tattoos or the best Adidas boots or that cool leather jacket is to win 5 straight VOLTA Squads games, or to have 5 assists in 5 different games, or to reach 200 career assists in VOLTA Squads games, rather than having things either easy to buy or easy to attain with 5 skill moves or 3 goals. That might encourage less selfish play in VOLTA and encourage players to play as a team to win rather than as an individual to show off.

    As a side note, because these players make VOTLA unacceptably awful and impossible to play, they could also adjust the game ratings. If you have:
    Player A: 12 blocked shots, 6 interceptions, 12 tackles, 3-4 good passes, no goals, no assists, 3 turnovers
    Player B: 0 blocked shots, 2 interceptions, 12 tackles, doesn't pass once, 2 goals, no assists, 12 turnovers
    then Player A should be the higher rated player every time.

    I doubt any of this will happen, so VOLTA's peak is probably an enjoyable side game to play solo rather than collaboratively, unless you're playing with 3 friends, none of whom is an insufferable ballhog.
  • hello, i have the same problem i am in divisions 5 and it is impossible to go up to division 3 to get the top of volta trophy. I won a lot of matches but even in rank 1 it doesn't move is that a bug?
  • I've spoken to EA about this and registered my complaints about Volta promotion. Firstly, my post above getting to Rank 1 is incorrect, your Rank is irrelevant to whether you get promoted or not.

    You will know when you have done enough to get promotion, you will get a Green up arrow as shown in the below screenshot (if the image isn't showing, it can be viewed at


    EA have said that the logic is that they want people to be playing against other players of the same level of quality and they have an algorithm which decides which division you should be in, but they have no way of seeing how close you are to promotion or relegation, and as everyone should be playing at the same level, there seems to be no way to just grind you way to promoton, you have to actually win matches. I only got my green up arrow after winning 20 of 23 matches (drawing 2) so you seem to need a stupid amount of wins to go up.

    I think this is really poor from EA. They've made a trophy that is incredibly difficult to get (if you are a normal player) and it looks like you might need a 90% win ratio in the division you are in to actually get promotion. This means that if 10 people are playing each other constantly, only 1 will ever have an opportunity to get promotion, which seems utterly daft. Especially when there is a trophy for getting to Division 3, and there is no way to re-set your progress and try the placement matches again. If you play online with a friend who is in division 3, that doesn't count to get you the trophy and the result is placed against your overall record.

    So, the only way to get promoted is to win pretty much every match.

    This means you are left with a lot of people just playing it to try and grind their way to Division 3 to win a trophy who then are bored of the game mode and don't want to play it anymore (I'm certainly in that bracket). Once I hit division 3 and unlock the trophy, I'm not touching Volta again.

    EA could have fixed this quite easily by doing any of the below:

    - having the trophy for playing x number of matches in Volta Squads regardless of division
    - have it possible that you can grind your way up to division 3 by just playing loads of matches then have the system they currently in place from division 3 and above (where most people who want to play Volta will be)
    - make it possible to replay the placement matches so you can keep trying that until you get placed in division 3
    - have it so you can play with a friend's Volta squad online and get the Division 3 trophy that way
    - be clear and open about where you sit and how close to promotion/relegation you are
  • I am on div 6 you know

    Now i won 25 2 loss
    No green arrow ?
  • I have played my placement matches I’m on 26 -4-12 record I have the green arrow to say I’m moving up a division but haven’t moved up yet do I have to wait till the online event ends or is it a glitch I’m confused can Anyone give me a clue ?.
  • It also says that you get mbappe in rank 1 I didn’t receive him I got Barnes instead so confused
  • What day do the "division events" usually end, the countdown timer said 10 days last night and the same this morning so was wondering if its frozen? Any replies appreciated
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    Last week, I had a record in 39 games of 32-2-5. I typically only play solo. Why do I keep thinking that a green arrow will magically appear. In Division 3 now.
  • last week i played volta and had the record 27-4-3 in Div 3. Only losses were in squads. I dont really know if that means anything but with a 90% win rate I thought that would be enough to get promoted. I have at least 50-60 win in this division with a max of 6 losses overall. I have no idea how many wins or win % i need to go up a division. Does anyone know how many more win i need??
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