Transfer Market Ban - Incorrectly accused of Coins Transferring

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Case already raised, with standard reply that obviously didn' t trigger any proper investigation : #67207129
PC Account : neygod21

Got my account banned from transfer market for coin transferring while I have never done such thing, have always used transfer market normally both in game and apps and never had issues before.

All I do is search the transfer market for deals, which is what everyone on the game does, from time to time I happen to find great deals usually from other players that misplace the sell value, I don't see how that is going against the rules, anyone that buys a a card incorrectly listed on the market will get banned now ?

It just so happened that this week I was lucky enough to find Icon cards within the VERY SIMPLE filter of any Icon card below 250K coins, which is something many players search for because even though it can be tiring and boring, it can reward us very well when we find a deal.

Furthermore, how would someone transfer coins by selling cards close to lowest values when there are thousands of players looking for such deals ? They would just lose coins in the process! That's just crazy!

Please, review this case, check on the users that listed the cards I bought and validate that I'm not transferring coins ! I really value this franchise I would never do the things you are claiming, as I said I even bought the Ultimate version of the game as well as bought Fifa Points multiple times on this account, why would I do that if I would transfer coins ? That makes no sense at all.

Please help on that.


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    cheaters need to be banned
  • Been over 2 weeks now and still trying to get transfer market back as was hacked. Got reply today saying full investigation and my fault as broke rules. Went to town on ea chat and there doing another case with previous notes so see I was hacked
  • same thing has happened to me, i spent over £2000 on the game, as soon as i got banned i appealed straight away, wanting to know when and with who i'm supposed to have traded coins, i've now been waiting 4 weeks and nobody has provided any evidence of wrongdoing. i'm pretty sure i know the player i sold to be banned for, i made money on an inform Ronaldo, but this was down to timing and the approach of weekend league. i'm down £2000 and cant play the game, how can they get away with this?
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