Themed top XI

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So guys let's share some ideas with the themed Top XI!
Rules: No icons allowed
Chose one country or one league and build from there
No Off-theme players in 100% squads
50/50 teams are allowed (e.g prem on the left laliga on the right etc...)
Send a pic, and mention the in game positioning


  • CHYP2074
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    Prem team:
    In game:
    ST: Son
    LM: Martial
    RM: Salah
    CAM: Pogba
    CDMs: Allan, Wiji
    LB: Robo
    CBs: Joe Gomez + VVD
    RB: Walker
    GK: Allisson
  • HysxteriA
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    Not gunna lie the idea behind this post isn't really clear. 50/50 la Liga prem I just tried to have a split and just built a team.

    Maybe be more clear? Sounds to me like "just build a team without icons" aha?
  • CHYP2074
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    It has to be one or two leagues. Nice team btw
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