Transfer Market Glitch

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Seeing if anyone else has had this.

I am after Neuer. I am at work but have the app open on my PC. I put the odd bid in and then come back to check every now and again, often I'm too late and I just try again. Anyway I put a bid in for 6300 for Neuer with about 7 mins to go and duly went back to work. I finished my client email and though Id check and I was in time and the 30 second countdown was on, and no other bids...

Okay I thought I am sure all of a sudden 40k will be offered... it didnt... the countdown duly expired and it said I had got Neuer for only 6300!! I was like WTF!?! Fantastic. It went to processing but just took ages and the 'add to club' but didnt pop up so I clicked transfer list to go to add him that way but he still wasnt showing as won. The 6k had gone from my coin stash but no Neuer. After 2 or 3 mins my 6k did at least reappear so its like I got him but it was cancelled!

Anyone else had this?
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